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MCDOT Project List

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TitleCategoryDivisionStatusProgram URLSummary
Bikeway MinorBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringOngoing

​This program provides for the planning, design, and construction of bikeways, trails, and directional route signs throughout the County to develop the bikeway network specified by master plans and those requested by the community to provide access to commuter rail,Bikeway Program Minor Projects 8-1mass transit, major employment centers, recreational and educational facilities, and other major attractions. The program will constructbicycle facilities that will cost less than $1,000,000 and includes shared use paths, on-road bicycle facilities, wayfinding, and signedshared routes.

Pedestrian Safety ProgramBike/PedestrianTrafficOngoingPededstrian Safety Site

​Review and analysis of infastructure to modify and improve safety for Ped/Bike​

BRAC Bicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringComplete
​This project provides for the planning, design, and construction of a bikeway network and addition of pedestrian facilities surrounding the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) in Bethesda, Maryland due to Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). This project willenhance connectivity by providing a smooth transition to the transportation pedestrian and bicycle network, preliminary engineeringfor the facilities, and a signing bicycling plan within adjacent neighborhoods.

Bridge Preservation ProgramBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringOngoing

This project includes actions or strategies that prevent, delay,or reduce deterioration of bridge elements, restore the function of existing bridges, keep bridges in good condition, and extend their useful life. Preservation actions may be preventive or condition driven.​

Capital Crescent TrailBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringIn-Construction/Development

​This project provides for the funding of the Capital Crescent trail, including the main trail from Elm Street Park in Bethesda to Silver Spring as a largely 12-foot-wide hard-surface hiker-biker path, connector paths at several locations, a new bridge over ConnecticutAvenue, a new underpass beneath Jones Mill Road, supplemental landscaping and amenities, and lighting at trail junctions, underpasses, and other critical locations.​

Falls Road East Side Hiker BikerBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringPlanned

​This project provides funds to develop final design plans, acquire right-of-way, and construct approximately 4 miles of an 8-foot bituminous hiker/biker path along the east side of Falls Road from River Road to Dunster Road.​

Flower Avenue SidewalkBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringComplete

​This project provides for the County's contribution to the City of Takoma Park for the construction of the sidewalk and the rehabilitation of Flower Avenue (MD 787) between Piney Branch Road and Carroll Avenue.​

Forest Glen PassagewayBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringPlanned

​This project provides for design, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocations, and construction of a new grade separated connection under Georgia Avenue to improve access to the Forest Glen Metro Station from neighborhoods and institutions located on the east side of Georgia Avenue.​

Forest Glen Pedestrian BridgeBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringComplete

​This project provides an elevated pedestrian walkway that will span over the interchange ramps for I-495 on the west side of Georgia Avenue (MD 97). The total length of the walkway is 1,357 feet. The project consists of two bridges spanning three interchange ramps.The remaining portions of the elevated path will be constructed on cantilevered retaining walls, U-shaped walls, retaining wall sections,and embankments.​

Franklin Avenue SidewalkBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringPlanned

​This project provides for continuous sidewalk along the north side of Franklin Ave from Colesville Rd (US 29) to University Blvd (MD 193). The project includes 4600 linear feet of sidewalk, new curb and gutter, and storm drains.​

Frederick Road Bike PathBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringIn-DesignProject URL

​This project provides for the design, land acquisition, and construction of a new 10-foot wide shared use path along the west side of Frederick Road (MD 355) between Stringtown Road and the existing shared use path near Milestone Manor Lane, a distance of approximately 2.5 miles. The entire project will replace about 0.9 miles of existing sidewalk segments in order to provide a continuous route serving two schools, two parks, and a church. The project includes streetlights and street trees.​

Goldsboro Road Sidewalk and BikewayBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringPlannedProject URL

​This project provides for the final design and construction of two 11-foot travel lanes for a one mile segment of Goldsboro Road (MD 614) from MacArthur Boulevard to River Road (MD 190), a 5-foot sidewalk along the north side, a 5-foot sidewalk on the south side at selected locations, a 5-foot minimum one-way separated bike lane in each direction as well as a 5-foot bike lane for northbound MacArthur Boulevard at the Goldsboro Road/MacArthur Boulevard intersection, and an 8-foot minimum shared use path at the NE and SE corners of the Goldsboro Road/MacArthur Boulevard intersection.​

Good Hope Road SidewalkBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringIn-DesignProject URL

​This project provides for the design and construction of a new five-foot wide sidewalk along the westside of Good Hope Road over 4,500 feet of length from Windmill Lane to Rainbow Drive in Cloverly. The project also provides a pedestrian bridge that is 40-foot long and eight-foot wide at the intersection of Good Hope Road and Hopefield Road.​

Life Science Loop TrailBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringPlannedProject URL

​The project provides for the planning of the of 3.5 mile Life Sciences Center Loop Trail, a 12 to10-foot wide shared use path that is a central feature of the Life Sciences Center (LSC) area of the Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan.​

MacArthur Boulevard Bikeway ImprovementsBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringPlannedProject URL

​This project provides bikeway improvements along 4.7 miles of MacArthur Boulevard from I-495 to the District of Columbia. ​

MD 355 Crossing (BRAC)Bike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringIn-Construction/DevelopmentProject URL

​This design-build project provides for right-of-way negotiations, utility relocations, and the design and construction of a multi-modal grade separated connection between the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) and the Medical Center Metrorail station​.

MD 355 Sidewalk (Hyattstown)Bike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringCompleteProject URL

​This project provides for the rehabilitation of existing sidewalk and for construction of a half-mile section of continuous sidewalk along the west side of MD 355 between Hyattstown Mill Road and a point just south of the Montgomery/Frederick County line.​

MD 355-Clarksburg Shared Use PathBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringPlannedProject URL

​This project is to provide design, land acquisition, utility relocations, and construction of a new 10-foot wide shared use bike path along the eastern side of Frederick Road (MD 355) from Snowden Farm Parkway to 430 feet north of Clarksburg Road (MD) and from 669 feet south of intersection to Stringtown Road. The total length of project is approximately 2,506 linear feet.​

Metropolitan Branch TrailBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringIn-Construction/DevelopmentProject URL

​This project provides for the design, land acquisition, utility relocations, and construction of the 0.6 mile segment of the trail in Montgomery County between the end of the existing trail in Takoma Park and the Silver Spring Transit Center.​

Needwood Road Bike PathBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringIn-Construction/DevelopmentProject URL

This project provides for the design of a new 8-foot wide shared use path along the south side of Needwood Road, a distance of pedestrian and bike connection to the Shady Grove Metro Station, Colonel Zadok Magruder High School, the Inter-County Connector (ICC) Shared Use Path, Rock Creek Trail, future North Branch Trail, and Rock Creek Regional Park (Lake Needwood) approximately 1.7 miles, between Deer Lake Road and Muncaster Mill Road (MD 115) in order to provide a safe and continuous.​

Oak Drive/MD27 SidewalkBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringPlannedProject URL

​The total project is comprised of 3 phases. However, only Phase I is recommended for funding at this time. Phase I includes a 4200 foot segment of Oak Drive and a 350 foot segment of Kingstead road.​

Seven Locks Bikeway and Safety ImprovementsBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringPlannedProject URL

​This project provides for pedestrian and bicycle improvements for dual bicycle facilities (on-road and off-road) and enhanced, continuous pedestrian facilities along Seven Locks Road from Montrose Road to Bradley Boulevard (3.3 miles) plus a bike path on Montrose Road between Seven Locks Road and the I-270 ramp, plus northbound and eastbound auxiliary through lanes with on-road bike lanes at the intersection of Seven Locks Road and Tuckerman Lane.​

Sidewalk Program Minor ProjectsBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringOngoing

​This pedestrian access improvement program provides sidewalks on County-owned roads and some State-maintained roadways. Some funds from this project will go to support the Renew Montgomery program.​

Silver Spring Green TrailBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringOngoing

​This project provides for an urban trail along the selected Purple Line alignment along Wayne Avenue in Silver Spring.​

Bethesda Bikeway and Pedestrian FacilitiesBike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringIn-DesignMCDOT Parking Site
This project ​provides bikeway network improvements and pedestrian intersection improvements as specified in the 2017 Bethesda Downtown Plan.​ 

Bicycle Pedestrian Priority Area Improvements (BiPPA)Bike/PedestrianTransportation EngineeringOngoingMCDOT Parking Site
​The project provides for the design and construction of bicycle and pedestrian capital improvements in the 30 Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Areas (BiPPAs) identified in County master plans. Examples of such improvements include, but are not limited to: sidewalk,curb, and curb ramp reconstruction to meet ADA best practices, bulb-outs, cycle tracks, street lighting, and relocation of utility poles.



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