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MCDOT Project List

Project Overview

Title: Needwood Road Bike Path
Division: Transportation Engineering
Category: Bike/Pedestrian
Status: In-Construction/Development
Budget URL: OMB openBudget page
Funding: P501304
Contact Name: Rebecca Park
Contact Phone: 240-777-7263
Project Page: Project URL

This project provides for the design of a new 8-foot wide shared use path along the south side of Needwood Road, a distance of pedestrian and bike connection to the Shady Grove Metro Station, Colonel Zadok Magruder High School, the Inter-County Connector (ICC) Shared Use Path, Rock Creek Trail, future North Branch Trail, and Rock Creek Regional Park (Lake Needwood) approximately 1.7 miles, between Deer Lake Road and Muncaster Mill Road (MD 115) in order to provide a safe and continuous.‚Äč

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