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MCDOT Project List

Project Overview

Title: Bikeway Minor
Division: Transportation Engineering
Category: Bike/Pedestrian
Status: Ongoing
Budget URL: OMB openBudget page
Funding: P507596
Contact Name: Pat Shepherd
Contact Phone: 240-777-7231
Project Page: N/A

‚ÄčThis program provides for the planning, design, and construction of bikeways, trails, and directional route signs throughout the County to develop the bikeway network specified by master plans and those requested by the community to provide access to commuter rail,Bikeway Program Minor Projects 8-1mass transit, major employment centers, recreational and educational facilities, and other major attractions. The program will constructbicycle facilities that will cost less than $1,000,000 and includes shared use paths, on-road bicycle facilities, wayfinding, and signedshared routes.

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people using various transportation modes people using various transportation modes